The workshop Designing through objects was conducted with Skoltech students on the occasion of the kick-off of the project. It was designed to introduce Skoltech students to design thinking and link our project to Skoltech education. Primary objective of the workshop was to introduce students to the concepts associated with designing through machine learning that are central to Thing Tank.
24 hours prior to the workshop, we asked the students to send us an image that represents “what makes them feel ready in the morning”. The students responded by sending images of a wide range of objects/processes/friends and animals that all made them feel ready for the day. These images were used in two tasks:
Working in teams, students discussed how the collection of object/things that they had considered could be recombinated to construct a new machine. The objective was to encourage students to explore how an ad hoc approach to innovation. Example solutions included a system for procuring water on the move, a mood enhancer, and time machine.
Working in teams again, the students took from the lecture that the everyday object that they had previously used in an analogue sense was now attached to the internet and able to share data about its use. With this new property in mind students developed viable commercial products that could be described within the Internet of Things. Example products included a mirror that recommended what you should wear for the day and a transport solution application.